Data Infrastructure and analytics for

Institutions, Protocols, DAOs, Regulators

Making Blockchain and dAPPS Data easy to query and comprehend. We believe in the 5 C’s of Data. Data needs to be: Clean, Consistent, Conformed, Current, and Comprehensive. We will start developing this infrastructure on Solana and Ethereum. 

Our primary focus is building solutions for Institutions, Protocols, DAOs, and Large Corporations. These solutions will be built for their needs and will be built on top of the Data Infrastructure we will develop 

We will provide Real Time On-Chain analysis, Risk Monitoring, Compliance Audits, Smart Contract Audits, and Vulnerability assessments. 

We need to plan for success and execute our plan but always keep in mind what can cause our downfall 

July 22nd, 2022

We have not achieved product market fit, let’s be clear. However, we have built pre-beta software to demonstrate our team’s ability to pull real-time and historical blockchain data. Check it out here.

July 21st, 2022

Why Choose Us

We are Data Experts with proven success in building a Data/Analytics Startup, Data is what we do and we are the best.

Data Industry Experts

We have dominated other Industries before, we are bringing our expertise on-chain and will dominate the space by giving the most value we can to our clients.  

Data Methodology

The 5 C’s:

Data needs to be Clean, Consistent, Conformed, Current, and Comprehensive

We are FAST

We are built light but we turnaround software, ad-hoc queries, and analytics with lightning speed.

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Data Infrastructure


We integrate historical and real-time blockchain & dApp data (blocks, logs, transactions) into our Data Warehouse Infrastructure, after that, we implement our automated cleansing strategies to make sure all data is consistent and users can query it via SQL 

General Questions

Frequently Asked Questions?

Yes, that’s our plan. We will create B2C functionalities as we build the data infrastructure for B2B. Those tools will be made available for a small fee and they will be free for our Elite Emperor NFT holders

Elite Analytics v0.1 is only a validation our software team has the knowledge and expertise to pull and showcase real-time and historical data. This is our MVP

Yes, we are launching an NFT. We have launched several successful startups and we have realized the power of leveraging the collective knowledge of our community – It’s massive!

Elite Emperors will generate $Jewel Tokens which will be redeemable 1:1 for our IDO token $EL8. 20% of our IDO will be allocated for Elite Emperor Holders. 

Our holders will also benefit from staking rewards, boosting rewards and free access to our B2C tools

Our Professional Team

Data Industry Veterans bringing our expertise On-Chain



NLP Engineer, Data Consultant, and Sales Superstar. Professional Simplifier of Things


Senior Developer

Lead Developer @ Elite Analytics.

Databases and Performance


Senior Developer

Lead Front End Developer @ Elite Analytics